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Gardening is a hobby which is followed by people across the world over with zeal and enthusiasm. Gardening gives the feeling of pleasure and helps in the innate human feeling of fulfillment. As said by an old tale, gardens never stop evolving and gardeners never stop gardening. We have compiled the list of common advice and tips while following your favorite hobby.

Advice to improve Garden or Lawn

Watering should be sufficient and deep - Generally lookin it is required to water the lawn when the soil surface is dry to the touch. Grass should be trimmed to the right length - There are different types of grasses available today all of which have quite a difference in the cutting height. Hence check the recommended height and stay within this cutting height range.

Your lawn should be aerated well. Idea is to make more air available for the plants. This can be done by poking small holes in the soil. Use organic fertilizes and stay away from chemical based garden care.

While preparing the garden, start with good, fine-textured compost. If you carry out the compost couple of times a year in your garden, it will be very lush and healthy.

Garden Safety Advice

Never use electrical accessories during rainy season. Use RCB (residual circuit breakers) to prevent electrical earthing and shock issues. Choose a more organic or biodegradable options for insecticides. Level the garden well and avoid falling hazards such as open paving slabs, hosepipes left. Do not openly leave sharp tools around. Childern might use them for play.

Always empty paddling pools after children are done playing. If you are unsure about the safety of tackling a handy or non-handy garden job, look out for professionals. Take professional help in understanding the garden safety procedures and ways. Avoid going to the garden when conditions are icy and the surface is slippery.

Use safety equipment for example goggles, hats, boots, gloves etc. Always consult an expert if you are not sure about what you should be wearing for a particular kind of garden job.


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