Gardening Gloves


Gardening is rough on hands save them with Gloves

Tips for Buying Gardening gloves

  • You can buy well insulated and waterproof, but breathable.
  • Be alert gloves are not rugged construction, reinforced at stress points.  
  • Should be the polyurethane suede covered palm also has gripper dots.
  • Should be adjustable neoprene cuff. velcro at wrist gives a good fit and protection.
  • Should be terry cloth brow wipe is a nice feature.
  • Gloves should be washable.
  • Also be good for winter sports

Tips for make your gloves long longer

Should be Sized for men and women and offered in three colors: black, tile (blue) and rust.

Stock up them in a clean, dry, airy area. Place them on an old, clean and tidy ketchup bottle

Hand wash gloves with gentle, non-toxic soap

You are likely to wear out your right glove faster because if you are right handed

 If probable, switch the gloves between hands when your control hand wears out its glove.

Once a set of gloves is further than repair, purchase another pair. Use the old set as patches for the new pair.


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