How to Buy Green Tea?


Green tea is more popular tea in the world. Green tea is very beneficial for the health as a medicine. This is very useful for the various diseases. Now a day's various researches proved that it is good for the health. So thatswhy more peoples are drink the green tea. Green tea contains flavonoids, catechins, antioxidants which are beneficial to the health.

A good quality green tea buy at the grocery store. There are various types of green teas such as Sencha, Green Peony, Gyokuro, Jasmine, Macha, Genmaicha, Hoji Cha Teabags, White Peony, Dragon Well, Gunpowde. The green teas are more seen in the China, Japan and North Africa. Green teas contains nutrients, including vitamin C, numerous minerals, polyphenol.

Buy Japanese Green Tea

The half of all the green tea consumed in Japan. Buy the green teas directly from tea farms and pay the farmers fair prices to support them which is more expensive. The green tea is always buy from the reputable certified organic tea farms which are good in quality and there product. Some of the companies gives offers the best quality large leaf, loose teas.

Suppliers to Buy Green Tea

Now a day some of the suppliers are present and they are as follows

Shizuoka Green Tea - It is Japanese consumers which are concerns with the favorite beverage, green tea.

USDA organic - They work co-operatively with reputable certified organic tea farms in China and Sri Lanka. They buy farms of green teas.

Tea Wholesale - They give credit card that is essential to purchase tea wholesale through the tea store.

Dragon Pearls - The flavor is wonderful, nutty, and sweet with a luscious round character on the palate.


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