Green Tea Caffeine


The caffeine is more seen in the coffee than the tea. Caffeine is work as a nervous system stimulant, cardiac muscle, the respiratory system.. Green Tea contains caffeine which can be remove by doing process on the green tea. The black tea contains more amount of caffeine than other tea. The amount of caffeine is present in the coffee than the tea. A cup of green tea contains about 15 to 30 mg of caffeine.

Green tea caffeine content depends largely on the size and type of the tea leaf used. A higher caffeine is present in the tea leaves. Caffeine include diarrhoea, headache,irregular heartbeat, irritability, sleeplessness, dizziness, vomiting. Caffeine is useful or harmful for the health. Caffeine is quicker to dissolve than the other tea compounds. A stimulant affecting the central nervous system. The green tea contains between 1 and 5% caffeine and other alkaloids.

The green teas like Houjicha Green Tea and Genmaicha are low in caffeine content. The caffeine blocks absorption of alcohol and enhances its metabolization. An average serving of coffee contains the most caffeine. The symptoms of caffeine are increased blood pressure, a rapid pulse rate, excessive nervousness and difficulty falling asleep. It is useful as a medicine in the various diseases.

Most of the caffeine in green tea is extracted into the water the first time the tea is infused. The caffeine content of one gram of green tea ranged from 11-20 milligrams.The caffeine is released about 80% in the first infusion. Caffeine have the side effects related to the health so for that some are require caffeine free green tea. Caffeine is work as a nervous system stimulant.


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