Decaffeinated Green Tea


The decaffeinated green tea produced from Camellia sinensis plant. The green tea contains polyphenol, antioxidants, epigallocatechin gallate, cachein and so many components. In which there are some health beneficial and harmful also. This is used for the medicinal purpose for to cure the various diseases. The decaffeinated green tea contains flavanol from 4.6 to 39.0 mg/g.

The decaffeinating consists of two methods. In which one uses ethyl acetate solvent and the other is natural process using water and carbon dioxide. Decaffeinating green does have an effect on the healthy components. The cup contains around 30mg of caffeine. The caffeine is more seen in the coffee than the tea. The process to remove caffeine also ruins the taste.

Benefits of Decaffeinated Green Tea

  • To prevent arterial sclerosis, thrombosis, heart attacks and brain strokes.
  • To change in harmful ultraviolet rays into non-harmful light in a plant to protect it.
  • The flavanols and antioxidants are very helpful for the health.

Decaffeinated Green Tea products

Decaffeinated Green Tea - This is organic green tea decaffeinated using natural process. Decaffeinated Sencha - This tea contains the chemical overtones of the other process. Decaffeinated Green Tea - This tea contains all natural ingredients, flavors, gulten free and no preservatives.

Decaffeinated Green Tea - A light decaffeinated blend of green teas with a refreshing taste. Triple Leaf Decaf Green Tea - Decaf Green Tea has a pleasing mild flavor, without the bitterness associated with some green teas. Pink Grapefruit Decaf - This is china green tea having sweet tart pink grapefruit and peony flowers. Clipper Decaffeinated Green Tea - It is made up from Chun Mee green tea which contain 0.2% caffeine.


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