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Green chai tea is now famous everywhere in the western world. The green chai tea is more seen in India. This is very beneficial for the health. The green chai tea industry is growing very rapidly. The green tea contains the various types and various flavors. The green chai tea has a milder flavor. The green chai tea specifically for the antioxidant benefits which is very useful for the health.

There are various types of green chai tea and they are as Kashmir green chai tea, Stash Green Chai Spice, Vanilla Ginger Green Tea Chai, Gunpowder Green Chai Tea. The main producers and exporters of green tea throughout the world include India, Japan, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania. This green tea is very helpful for the medicinal purpose for to cure the diseases such as cancer, heart disease, for diet purpose.

How to brew Green Chai Tea?

  • For brewing the strong green chai tea we have with lots of sugar and milk, water and often concentrated.
  • Boil the water then add to it green tea and sugar.
  • Then boil this well after this add milk.
  • Then filter the green chai tea and cool it for a minute.
  • After this your green chai tea is ready for enjoying.
  • This green chai tea have best taste, flavorful and spicy tea.

What are the products of Green Chai Tea?

Stash Green Chai Spice - This contains sweet cinnamon, sharp clove, penetrating cardamom, and occasionally black peppercorns, pungent ginger and hot red chilies.

Vanilla Ginger Green Tea Chai - This tea contains green tea, black tea, cinnamon, ginger, roasted chicory, natural vanilla and ginger flavors with other natural flavors.

Green Chai Tea - This tea contains organic Green Chai is a light and refreshing, dark flavor of our Black Chai.

Caffe D'Amore - This consists of chai and latte tea mixes which can be drank hot or on ice.

Republic Green Chai - Green tea is blended with spicy ginger, cinnamon and cardamom is finished with sweetness of fresh almonds.

Kashmiri tea - It is spice scented green tea called kahava poured from a samovar.

Stash Premium Green Chai Tea - This is made up from pure green tea with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg.


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