Green Tea Patch - Types of Patch


The green tea contains the polyphenols, antioxidants, ECGC, green tea extract and catcheins. These all components are very beneficial to the health. The green tea is used for the medicinal purpose. The green tea patch is specially used for the diet purpose. The green tea extract has higher fat oxidation rate.

The green tea has been used as herbal therapy. The green tea weight loss patches have helpful over stimulant diet drugs. The green tea patch is applied on the skin which gives high potency green tea. The Green Tea Patch contains 100% pharmaceutical grade components. The green tea catechism will acts as a glucose regulator.

The green tea patch available in different locations across the world. The weight loss patches are made from algae and seaweed. The patch stimulates the thyroid gland which is helpful for the weight loss. The green tea patch has about 50-55 mg of caffeine. The green tea patch do not use after the 48 hours.

Benefits of green tea patch

  • High LDL
  • Weight loss
  • To increase metabolism
  • Effective for skin
  • To prevent body from storing fats and toxins
  • Lower appetite level
  • Blood pressure

Various products of green tea patch

Green Tea 300 - The Green Tea Patch and Instant Beverage Packets contain 45mg of caffeine in each dose. Green tea weight loss patch - This is helpful for the weight loss. Premium Hoodia Patch With Green Tea - Hoodia Gordonii is an all natural appetite suppressant.

SmithSorensen Hoodia & Green Tea Patch CR 30 patches - This contains hoodia gordonii stem 500mg, fucus vesiculosus 30mg, green tea extract100 mg.


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