Green Tea Powder - Varieties of Powder having Green Tea


The green tea powders produced from whole leaf which also contains the veins and stems. The green tea leaves are dried first then these leaves are smashed. After this the green tea powder is prepared. This green tea powder mainly available in the green colour. This dark in colour, heavier and very cheap. The thinner leaves with better flavor and texture.

This green tea powder is used for the various purposes and for producing the so many essential things. The green tea powder may be used in creams, for making the tea, abrasive cosmetics. The green tea contains antioxidants properties, polyphenols, theanin and wide variety of vitamins and minerals. Farmers steam the leaves briefly to stop any fermentation. Then dry them and pack them in bales for cold storage.

Products of green tea powder

Alvita Chinese Green Tea Plain - This is made from green tea leaves.

Vita Life Matcha Green Tea Powder - It contains essential vitamins and minerals such as, vitamin C, E, B1, B2, carotene, antioxidants, and fluoride.

Green Tea Powder - This green tea powder is also great for making iced green tea drinks by adding a little sugar and ice.

Latte Matcha - This provides a smooth rich texture and deep green tea flavor.

Bulk green tea powder - This green tea powder is used for the making tea and also for the ice cream.

Cooking Matcha Powder - This is made from matcha and is best for the cooking purpose.

Instant Cinnamon Matcha Green Tea Frappe Latte Mix - This contains the 40 % of calories which are essential for the health.

Powder Tea Bag - This has liquor color is clear and bright green. The aroma is pure and, taste is mellow and brisk.


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