Green Tea Home Remedies


The green tea is an important part of home remedies. The green tea is natural herbal tea which contains the antioxidants properties, polyphenols, theanin and wide variety of vitamins and minerals. This is very effective for the various diseases. So it can be used for to cure the disease. The all green tea content are very useful for the health. Many scientist can prove the its medicinal benefits. Green tea is a great, cheap alternative to the expensive toners.

What are the Green Tea Home Remedies?

There are various remedies are present for the green tea. Some of them are as follows:

For a homemade facial toner mix green tea, chamomile with lavender which can show the good effect on the skin. The green tea used for the to inhibit the cancer cells. The green tea extract are used for the weight loss. The green tea is used for the prevention of the teeth. For a foot powder mix cornstarch, baking soda and tea tree or peppermint oil.

Green tea is great for the heart. This green tea is used for the acne. The brown sugar to eliminate heartburn to using corn syrup to control nausea. The green tea after each meal, you should eat lots of high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and less sugar-laden fare. The daily intake of green tea is also thought to help overall health and well-being. Green tea is used to promote an increase in metabolism.

The green tea aids in digestion. Decaffeinated green tea cut down the DNA damage seen in smokers. By adding sugar and honey and it is used as mouthwash. For dark circles around your eyes, place cooled tea bags over your eyes. 


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