Green Tea Soap - Products and Varieties of Soap having Green Tea


The green tea is formed by Cameelia Sinesis which is produced by the fermentation process doing on the leaves. The green tea has medicinal properties having the powerful antioxidant. The green tea is herbal tea which contains the beneficial to maintain health in good way. The green tea soap is made with a synthetic green tea scent.

The green tea soap may contain the large amount of antioxidants, caffeine and green tea extract. The green tea contains will help increasing moisturizing, smooth, soft. This green tea soap ensuring purity appearance for your skin while gently relaxing tired skin. The green tea soap has anti-bacterial properties.

Various Green Tea Soap Products

The green tea contains the various types so the there are also so many types of green tea soap are available in the different forms. The some of the green tea soap are as follows

Burt's Bees Hand Soap, Green Tea & Lemon grass - This contains the green tea, a natural antioxidant, soothes skin even as lemon grass oil, a natural antiseptic, neutralizes odors.

Handcrafted Olive Oil Soap Green Tea & Tea Tree - This soap is safe and effective treatment for a variety of topical skin problems. The green tea fragrance gives this bar a fresh clean scent. .

Green Tea & Wasabi Soap - It consists of green tea extracts and antioxidant properties with this rejuvenate and moisturizing soap.

Green Tea Soap - This is made up from herbal extracts by cleansing, exfoliating, moistening and antioxidant to your skin.

E3 Nourishing Soap - Green Tea - The E3 Nourishing Soaps™ are handmade soap.

Bar soap green tea - This is made from sencha green tea, ginger and essential oil.

Olive & Green Tea Soap - This shows the very effective on the skin.

Dove Cool Moisture Soap with Cucumber and Green tea - It is made up from pure cucumber extract and a touch of calming green tea having the pleasent smell.

Almond Green Tea Soap - This provide a layer of protection against skin cancer, aging and inflammation.

Spice Islands Natural Herbal Soaps - They are made using the cold process technology and so contain lots of natural glycerin.

Olive & Green Tea Soap Bar - This soap has highly praised for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and calming properties.


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