Learn About the Myths of the Carbohydrate Content in Alcohol


Advertisements of alcoholic beverages often present the link of carbohydrate and alcohol the wrong way according to experts. How do we know which of them is correct? The description of alcohol and the effects of it on the metabolism of carbohydrates or on blood sugar in the low-carbohydrate references are always wrong. Since it is misleading consumers, it must be corrected and the right information in the relationship between alcohol and blood sugar must be presented. In this article, we are going to tackle the different myths about carbs and alcohol.

Liver Doesn’t Process Alcohol

In this article about the carbohydrate content in alcohol, I would like to tell you that our liver does not metabolize alcohol, turning it into sugar. On the other hand, people will feel a dip in their blood sugar or glucose levels when they are consuming alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is processed in the liver and turns it into acetate, and later into carbon dioxide and liquid, and not sugar.

Light Beer?

Many people think that the carbohydrate content in alcohol of non-alcohol beers have lesser cars than a regular beer. But, they are all higher in glucose or carbohydrate content than an ordinary beer, and some have almost twice the amount of carbohydrate amount. However, it is saddening to know that there are many websites claiming that non-alcohol beer are low in carbohydrates and alcohol.

G.I. Beer

As a fact, the glycemic index of distilled prodocts, wine and beer is zero percent. However, based from an urban legend, these drinks have high GI contents, and this information is generously found in many diet references or books. If you are into a diet or practicing a lifestyle wherein you monitor the GI content of your food, you can still manage to take a bottle or two of beer without worrying on the carbohydrate content in alcohol.

Wines Are Non-Carbs?

Nope. In fact all wines have carbohydrates whatever type they are. This information is usually presented wrong in many websites. As a matter of fact, the only alcoholic beverages that may probably be non-carbs are distilled products. This is because of the process of fermentation that will always leave some sugar along the way in the form of carbohydrates.

No Sugar in Rum?

The carbohydrate content in alcohol is also a question when it comes to rums. They are saying that rum has no sugar content. Alcohol is often a product of fermentable foods like potatoes, molasses, and other grains. If you know the different processes of distillation and fermentation, you will recognize that the end product of distillation is ethyl, a non-carbohydrate liquid.

Understanding the carbohydrate content in alcohol is important to avoid being misled by faulty information. Since most alcoholic beverages are from grains, it is vital to recognize that they contain carbohydrate. Being informed lets you become aware of what’s real and not. Next time you see the false advertisement on TV or in websites about alcoholic beverages, you’ll be able to figure out what the truth is.


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