Best Free Dieting Tips - Weight Loss Dieting Tips for Teens and Teenagers


Our survey also showed what you already suspected:

Keeping weight off requires regular and fairly rigorous exercise. Eight out of 10 of our successful losers who tried exercising three or more times a week listed it as their No. 1 strategy. And while most chose walking as the path to long-term weight-loss success, an eyebrow-raising 29 percent added weight lifting to their regime.

This study says that people are succeeding at weight loss by conscious effort," says James Hill, Ph.D., director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado in Denver . "It can be done, but it's not easy. Our challenge is to take what we've learned from these people and use it to help others be successful

Some more tips for dieting

To find out how well average people do on their diets, we targeted survey respondents who tried to lose weight deliberately. To try to exclude people with eating disorders from our study, we left out dieters who didn't start with a moderately high body mass index, or BMI, of at least 27, a standard measure of fatness that takes into account, both height and weight.

Of our respondents, nearly 8,000 had managed to lose at least 10 percent of their starting weight and keep it off for a year or more. Such a loss won't turn most Americans into runway models, but studies show it can produce dramatic changes in weight-related health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Among successful dieters with those medical conditions, more than two-thirds said they and their doctors agreed that their condition had improved as a result of the loss.

The body's use of carbohydrates seems to be the key to success. Carbohydrates are the staple of everyday diets, and as much as 55 to 60 percent of the traditional low-fat reducing diet. In the digestive process, carbs break down into glucose (sugar) molecules, which are then sent into the bloodstream. In response to the upsurge in blood sugar, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin, without which cells can't take up glucose to use as energy. But fast-acting carbohydrates such as sugar, refined flour, white rice, pasta, and potatoes have a high "glycemic index" -that is, they turn into blood glucose much more quickly than carbohydrates in high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. The abrupt infusion of blood sugar from fast-acting carbohydrates unleashes a surge of insulin so great that it overshoots the metabolic mark and drives the sugar levels lower than normal.

Misconception about Dieting tips - Does the pill make you overweight?

There is so much lore surrounding the pill that many women do not use it just because they are misinformed. As far as weight gain is concerned, there is no proof that the pill adds pounds, accourding to more than 40 studies. But some types may trigger preperiod water weight gain of upto 5 pounds. In that case, try good anti-bloat brands, which contain a synthetic progestine that acts like a diuretic. However you may get some other temporary side effects at first including headaches, nosea, breast tenderness and mood changes. If these do not stop within a few months, changing type of pill may help.


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