Top Fat Burning Food - List of Natural Fat Burning Foods


Some Tips for fat burning food

If you eat a healthful diet over all, an occasional empty calorie treat shouldn't do you any harm. But follow these tips:

Check sodium and sugar . In general, chips have the least salt; pretzels have the most. Flavored varieties of any snack tend to have significantly more sodium than regular versions. Low-fat or otherwise "improved" products often add extra salt or sugar.

Consider baked or reduced-fat snacks. The baked versions are almost always slower in fat and the reduced-fat or light ones have at least 25 percent less fat than the originals. However, those "lighter" options may be only marginally lower in calories. And some have more sodium.

Know facts of fats

Look for products that don't contain trans fat or, if that's not labeled, no partially hydrogenated oil.

Be careful with "natural" Unlike "organic" the claim "natural" is not defined by the Food and Drug Administration, so check the ingredients list.

Find value-added options . Snacks that include fiber, protein, or both are likely to keep you fuller longer than mere carbohydrates, and they offer some nutritional benefit. Nuts or soy snacks pack plenty of protein and fiber; treats that list a whole grain (such as whole wheat) or bran as the first ingredient should provide at least 2 grams of fiber per serving.


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