Healthy Eating Pyramid


The Healthy Eating Pyramid also known as Food Guide Pyramid originated as the model for healthy and nutritious eating in the United States. There might be distant memories from your school days in which you saw raindow stipes based pyramid.

The Healthy Living Pyramid (HLP) was introduced to give a visual and simple guide for planning the kind of food we should eat. It also gives the proportions of different foods that can be consumed for a healthy well being. The pyramid shows food from main groups only. The pyramid typically does not show all possible food combinations and varieties. The food can be mixed and made in different combinations.

The Healthy Living Pyramid recommends lot of food variety and a diet of low fat, sufficient fibre, limited salt and sufficient water. It is then balanced with required minimum physical activity. The base of the Pyramid depicts moving legs to tell about the inseparable physical activity as an essential part of the energy balance equation.

Below are the top considerations of the Healthy Eating Pyramid:

6. Avoid or minimise alcohol
5. Reduce fat, oil, salt, and sugar
4. Get sufficient protein
3. Include fruit and vegetables
2. Eat enough grains
1. Do some Healthy exercises

There is another model called colorful plate or MyPlate. The plate features four sections (vegetables, fruits, grains, and protein) plus a side order of dairy in blue. The big message is that fruits and vegetables take up half the plate, with the vegetable portion being a little bigger than the fruit section.


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Healthy Eating Pyramid

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