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Supplements that may boost your immunity

Dietary supplements ranging from garlic to ginseng and melatonin, and mega-doses of various vitamins and minerals have all been promoted as boons to the immune system. While there's little if any evidence to back up most of those claims, recent research has strengthened the case for two supplements: echinacea and probiotics, or pills containing "good" bacteria, similar to those found in yogurt.

Echinacea - In test-tube experiments, extracts of this herb clearly enhance the ability of various immune-system components to kill or control germs. More important, taking the herb at the first sign of a cold appears to shorten its duration and ease its symptoms by some 10 to 40 percent, according to several small I clinical trials.
People who have an upper-respiratory tract infection may get a modest benefit by taking echinacea extracts or pills. However, individuals who have an autoimmune disorder such as rheumatoid arthritis, caused by an overactive immune system, should probably avoid the herb, since in theory it could worsen those conditions.
Can echinacea also prevent colds? The few clinical trials that have addressed that question have shown no clear benefit from the herb. One possible reason: Other research indicates that echinacea's immune-boosting power fades with extended use.

Probiotics - Numerous studies have shown that ingest ing the "good" bacteria in these pills can restore a healthy balance of organisms in the gut and activate disease-fighting antibodies there.
That may help combat inflammatory bowel disease as well as diarrhea caused by infection or antibiotics.
People who suffer from persistent diarrhea or are taking those medications-and have no autoimmune disorders-may want to talk with their physici ans about trying a probiotic. Look for pills that contain the bacterium Lactobacillus GG or the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii, which have proved to be hardy enough to survive both the stomach's digestive acids and the antibiotic onslaught. (While some yogurts: contain live bacteria, none sold in the U.S. have those particular strains.)

Other research suggests that probiotics may strengthen the functioning of the immune system throughout the body. Indeed, one study found that the pills reduced the number of: potential disease-causing germs in the nasal cavity. But it's not known whether that reduction translates into protection against actual upper-respiratory-tract infections. So while the evidence is promising, it's too preliminary to warrant taking probiotics for that purpose.

Fight back diseases with immune supplements 

The modern era demands a lot from everyone. Thus, time to devote to the health is reduced by a great extent. That is the reason why people are so prone of getting ill. The immunity of the people all over the world is getting weaker and weaker as far as their immune systems are concerned. The irregular eating habits and the unhealthy lifestyle leave no scope for a strong immune system. Thus, in order to stay healthy one need some extra measures in the field of immunity, and the best way of getting it is immune supplements.

How does immune supplement work?

Immune supplements help the body in providing extra strength to the immune system. It is rich with the components that resist outside pathogenic substances and helps in repressing the cause of diseases.

Few of the immune supplements:

Vitamin C supplements are the most popular immune supplements known. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system to a greater extent. Daily consumption of vitamin C acts as a great source of Immune supplements. Common sources of vitamin C are lemon, curd, pears etc.
Zinc Supplements are another important source of immune supplements. Zinc is also known to enhance the power of resistance to a greater extent. Thus, by taking zinc supplements one can develop special resistance in the body towards some special kind of diseases.
Probiotic drinks are also consumed widely all over the world as immune supplement. The probiotic drinks are actually full of some bacteria which help the body in developing a resistive power against various diseases. These bacteria are known as friendly bacteria because instead of harming the body, it helps in enhancing the immune system and acts like immune supplements.

Natural immune supplements:

Apart from these man made immune supplements, there are some natural substances that acts like immune supplements. Few of them are Garlic, lemon, honey etc.


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