Do You Know Which Herbs Are Meant For Treating Kidney?


Kidney is a vital organ in a living being (human and animals). It is important to keep your kidney in good health. In this article, we shall discuss about the important herbs that are meant for cleansing kidneys inside the body of a living being. Let us talk about humans rather than animals.

Some herbs which can cure kidney ailments

Couch grass: Apart from Africa, a vigorous perennial couch grass is found all over the continent. Couch grass mainly contains polysaccharides, volatile oil and many others. This herb is being used dated back to 25 AD. It can be used to cure urinal problems or infections on urethritis and cystitis. This herb is also a good medicine for dissolving the stones that accumulate in the kidney. You can use its fresh juice to tackle liver jaundice, too.

Green tea: This herb is also very essential for treating kidneys. It contains polyphenois compounds and hence clears the kidney stones. Green Tea is being consumed by people since a very long time. It can also treat the body and prevent prostate cancer, ovaries, breast cancer, and colon and also protects the liver. Green tea is also ideal for the people who want to reduce weight.

Consuming green tea is beneficial because it improves the health condition of the heart, brain, pancreas and liver and keeps them fresh. In fact, green tea helps reduce cholesterol in our body and that is why it is termed as heart tonic.

Java tea for Kidney disorders

Java Tea is a shrub and herb which is essential for protecting your kidneys. The tea leaves are used for medicinal purposes and it helps cure chronic diseases from a human body. This tea contains volatile oil, potassium, flavones and glycoside. It helps the kidney to remain fresh and function properly. It can cure infections in the kidney as well as dissolve the stone.


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