Primrose Oil Benefits – Need of the Day for Inflammation Problems


Definition of Primrose oil

It is the oil derived from Oenothera which belongs to the genus of family, Onagraceae. It is also known by the names, suncups, sundrops and evening primrose. It is called as Evening primrose since the flowers of this plant open in the evening. The oil is obtained from the seeds of evening primrose plant popularly known as Oenthera Biennis.

How is primrose oil famous?

In olden days, physicians of Native American tribes would use the oil to treat various ailments such as stomachaches, sore throats and hemorrhoids. Modern scientists have found that the healing properties of this plant belong to the main constituent which is called as gamma-linoleic acid (GLA).

What are the benefits of primrose oil?

Gamma-linoleic acids are believed to have anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Primrose oil contains larger concentration of gamma linoleic acid than other plants and it has numerous benefits. The benefits are as follows:

It is used to improve the fertility of women because it helps in the production of quality cervical mucus which aids fertilization. It helps heart patients by lowering cholesterol in the blood and reduces the formation of blood clots. Gamma-linoleic acid is one of the main nutrients utilized by the body to maintain good health of cells and functioning of vital organs. It also manages the release of Lymphokines which can activate or prevent immune system in cells. Inflammation can be reduced by applying of this oil as it increases strength and health of cell membranes.

Primrose oil moisturizes the skin and provides relief from skin diseases like eczema. It can also be used to prevent nails from cracking and nerve damage caused by diabetes. It benefits women by easing cramps during the post menstruation cycle by inhibiting the inflammatory prostaglandins which cause inflammation. Its supplements have come as a boon to patients of rheumatoid arthritis as it decreases the swelling and reduces the pain. It is used for treating inflammatory disorders such as ulcerative colitis and Siogren’s Syndrome.


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