Dill - Information and Medicinal Benefits of Dill Plant, pickles recipes and growing dill


BOTANICAL NAME: Anethum graveolens

FAMILY NAME: Apiaceae (formerly Umbelliferae )- Dill is a member of the parsley or carrot family

Dill is native to the mediteranean region, South Russia and Scandinavia. It has been in cultivation for more than 2000 years and is now grown widely in Asia minor, North Africa, India and in all other tropical country.

Dill is an annual or biennial herb. It has a smooth surface, finally dissected leaves, small yellow flowers and elliptic, flattened fruits.

An analysis of Indian Dill shows it to consist of:

  • Moisture
  • Mineral matter
  • Acid insoluble ash

The seeds of the plant yield an essential oil known as dill oil. The roots also yield essential oil containing 95 % of a-b pinene. The herbs yield essentail oil with high proportion of terpenes.

Dill leaves are stimulant. They are useful in increasing secretion and discharge of urine and in counteracting spasmodic disorders. They are a soothing medicine and help improving the functioning of the stomach.

Medicinal uses of dill

stimulant, aromatic, carminative and stomachic. It is usually given as dillwater which is very good for children's flatulence or disordered digestion. Oil of dill is used in medicine in largely the same way, but is also used in perfuming soaps.


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