How to Make Herbal Cosmetics


The simplest way to ease into cosmetic herb use is to first learn how to prepare an herbal bath. Iron-close tea bags are available in an extra-large size especially for this. They also make excellent sachet containers.

There are various herbs from Kushthagna Mahakashaya that are effective curatives for skin disorders. Few such herbs are: Khadira, Abhaya, Amalaki, Haridra, Bhallataka, Saptaparna, Aragvadha, Karavira, Vidanga, Jati

Not too long ago, elaborate herbal beauty treatments were carried out in the royal palaces of India to heighten sensual appeal and maintain general hygiene. Rightly said, beauty is very much an inner thing.

Herbal Cosmetic Bath

Herbs are combined and ground in a blender, or else with a mortar and pestle, then placed in a muslin bag. When using oatmeal or skim milk powder in a bath recipe, a muslin bag, or large tea bag, is used. Grind your dried herbs and oatmeal as finely as possible using the blender or coffee mill. Fill the bag, then place in the tub or hang from the spout where the water can run through it as the tub fills.

Wrinkle and Skin Softening Bath
Make an infusion using 1 quart of water and 3 tbsp each of fennel seeds or leaves, rose petals and elder flowers.


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How to Make Herbal Cosmetics

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