How to Make Herbal Extracts


The herbal extract is a liquid solution of grasses and alcohol. The dry or fresh grasses are combined with alcohol, then the full matter is removed leaving only oils of grasses mixed with alcohol. This process is called extraction, consequently the name, herbal extract. For example an extract made starting from peppermint and of alcohol would be called the "peppermint extract. "

Among the advantages of herbal extracts are their ability to preserve the active constituents and their long shelf life.

Herbal extract effective in preventing migraine

The "butterburs vulgaris is a treatment of sweet herbs traditional for the prevention of migraine," known as Dr. Lipton, who is chair and vice professor of neurology at Einstein. "Our study proves that the butterburs vulgaris really reduced the frequency of the attacks of migraine, thus it is a welcome addition with the therapeutic arsenal that we have available to fight the migraine. "

The study was conducted at nine primary care or specialty centers in the United States and Germany. Adverse effects from butterbur were infrequent; those most commonly reported that may have been related to butterbur treatment were gastrointestinal in nature, mainly burping.

What identification testing is necessary for herbal extracts?

There are three options available: comparison with descriptions in the current scientific literature, chromatographic comparison against an authenticated reference specimen, chromatographic comparison against a reference extract.


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How to Make Herbal Extracts
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