Herbal Skin Care - Herbal Extract for Skin


There are many Herbs available which can take care of your skin like a mother's hand over her baby.

Carefully created and prepared herbal skin care products calms dry areas and balances the skin composition. The knowledge of nature can correct the damage generally done daily with our modern lifestyle. Healthy diet is the key to all these lifestyle problems. With organic oils like olive, cocoa butter and more, we believe you'll enjoy using these simple handmade pleasures every day.

Herbs and the plant extracts are good for cleansing and healing our sun damaged skin. Since old times, women have turned to the hands of nature to help increase their own beauty. The Romans used beauty packs of eggs and honey (amongst others), and Egyptians are well-known for their use of oils and perfumes.

Pampering our skin is something we should learn to do for our health and well being. Flowers and other plant materials used are hand-gathered at the peak of their natural seasonal vitality for that extra look and feel.

Diseases of Skin and Herbal Care

People seeking relief from chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are increasingly turning to "alternative" herbal remedies. Some of these plant-based products, like aloe vera and witch hazel, have long been used to sooth skin inflammation, but few have undergone the scrutiny of clinical testing on humans.

Constituents of Herbal Skin Care

Natural skin care generally consists of many natural ingredients such as Natural facial cleansers, Facial scrubs, Facial toners, Delicate facial moisturizers, Organic herbal facial steams, Heavenly body butter creams, Detox herbal body wraps and Serum, Mask, Pels

History of Herbal Skin Care

Ancient Sages who founded Ayurveda about 5000 years back discovered that plants and plant extracts had a startling effect on skin and hair. Water, Light, Air, Heat of the Sun, Minerals and Plant have immense medicinal and therapeutic value which play an important part in leading a healthy, fulfilled and aware life.


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