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Herbs - the primary source of medicine for people of every culture. Herbs have been mentioned in historical literature, and in the Bible.

Herbs were always the natural medicines for the human being. So use herbs to have natural, vital energy to do things you enjoy, to have the ability to maintain your body's natural immune system to protect you from diseases. Herbs allow the body to have extra energy to heal itself, and finally herbs promote the body's natural good bacteria.

Herbs have been the source of many of mankind's most basic medicinal therapies, and form the foundation of the modern pharmaceutical industry. Herbs have been known for centuries, but are now becoming the basics of many modern medicines.

The very large number of plants used as remedial agents in medicine are the natural remedies in treating disease, divine instructors having revealed to early humanity the great boon of agriculture and the medical use of plants. Echoes of the archaic wisdom appear in Vedic writings, but few can interpret the philosophy of the one Life which functions in the elements and forces of the human body, and their related action in the plants and minerals of the body of the earth.

Some Herbs and uses of Herbs

BASIL, SWEET (Ocimum basilicum) Both green and Dark Opal basil are attractive plants.

BORAGE (Borago officinalis) This has pinkish blossoms which turn blue like the perennial pulmonaria.

CHERVIL (Anthriscus cerefolium) Fresh leaves can be frozen in small packets after washing carefully. Excellent to flavor egg dishes.

CHIVES (Allium scboenoprasum) This is a perennial plant growing from bulblets. Fine in salads, egg dishes and sauces of all kinds.

DILL (Anethum graveolens) Fine for use in pickling and to flavor meats.

LAVENDER (Lavandula). Dry easily when hung free in a dry garage or attic.

MARJORAM, SWEET (Majorana hortensis) Adds a delicate flavor to lamb, fish, salads and soups.

MINT (Mentha spicata) This mint is very easy to grow. Fine to use for mint jelly and in mint juleps, lemonade and other fruit drinks.

SAGE (Saivia officinalis) Fine herb for dressings for chicken, turkey, pork and for flavoring sausages.

SAVORY, SUMMER (Satureja bortensis) Good to flavor fish dishes, beans and soups.

SESAME (Sesamum orientale) Seeds are used to flavor breads, crackers and cookies.

THYME (Thymus vulgaris) Thyme is used for flavoring soups and poultry dressing.

Anise: The licorice-flavored seed is widely used in breads and cookies.


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