Rosemary Oil recipe - Information and Medicinal Benefits of wild Rosemary


BOTANICAL NAME: Rosmarinus officinalis L.

FAMILY NAME: Lamiaceae/Labiatae

Rosemary is a native of southern Europe and grows wild on dry rocky hills in the mediterranean region. It is cultivated across in Yugoslavia, Spain, Portugal, and the USA. In India, it is cultivated in gardens in cool climates for its pleasantly fragrant leaves. It is suitable for cultivation in the temperate Himalayas and Nilgiri hills which have dry to moderately moist climate.

Rosemary is a sweet scented evergreen shrub which grows upto 2 mts high. its leaves are narrow and resemble curved pine needles. They are green on top and grey underneath. The small pale blue flowers grow in little clusters up the stems. Dried herb is brownish green in color. The leaves have a tea-like fragrance. Crushed rosemary, however has spicy camphoraceous aroma and a pungent bitter taste.

Rosemary is an antidote to mental fatigue and forgetfulness. A tea made fron the herb is a good natural remedy for bringing added mental agility. It is believed that if the crushed leaves of rosemary are inhaled with the eyes closed, the mind becomes clear as the vapour courses through the brain cells.

Medicinal uses of Rosemary

tonic, astringent, diaphoretic, stimulant. The essential oil is also stomachic, nervine and carminative and cures many types of headache. It is mainly applied externally as a hair lotion which is said to prevent baldness and the formation of dandruff. The oil is used externally as a rubefacient and is added to loniments for fragrance and stimulant properties. Rosemary tea can remove headache, colic, colds and vervous disease and may also lift nervous depression.


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