Sandalwood Oil, Perfume, incense - Information and Medicinal Benefits of Sandalwood


BOTANICAL NAME: Santalum album

FAMILY NAME: rue family

Sandalwood is believed to be indigenous to India. It is cultivated in Karnataka, Coorg, Coimbatore and the southern parts of Tamil Naidu. It also grows wild.

Sandalwood is medium sized evergreen tree with almost drooping branches, dark rough bark and scented mature wood. It has opposite leaves, shiny on the upper surface with small purplish flowers in small bunches and roundish, purple-black succulent fruits. Its trade name Sandalwood is based on its Indian name.

Sandalwood yields an essential oil which contains santaloe.

Both the Sandalwood and essential oil obtained after fractional distilation, have been used in ayurveda for many centuries. The wood is bitter, sedative, cooling and a cardiac tonic. Sandalwood is useful in arresting secretion or bleeding and in promoting the flow of urine. Moreover, Sandalwood oil is a stimulent and an antiseptic. It has an soothing effect on the skin and mucous menbranes.

Mecicinal uses of Sandalwood

aromatic, antiseptic, diuretic. The oil is given internally for chronic mucous conditions, e.g. bronchitis, inflammation bladder. It is also used in chronic cystitis, gleet and gonorrohoea. The oil is used in aromotherapy to lessen tension and anxiety and it was also considered a sexual stimulant in folk traditions. The fluid extract of sandalwood may be better tolerated by some people than the oil.


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