Keep Away your home from Ants


Ants are one of the most common pests as well as most widely known insects in the world. In most of the cases ants are not disease carrier and some spices of ants are beneficial for us. Ants can be found virtually where food and water prevalent. Ants can forms colonies anywhere in your home or outside home, and they will collectively work together to support colony. So this should alert you to rid your home of ants, here are few solutions against an ant invasion.

Create a Barrier for Ants

Seal doors, windows, pipes and those cracks through which ants can crawl with caulk, it is the least risky method where kids and pets are at your home. Talc and salt can also be spread under doors, near walls and window to create barriers for ants. This method often fails due to ant’s small stature because ants can found many of doorways into your home.

Keep your House clean

Ants tend to be driven to find food, so ants specially can be found onto the honey, sugar, fruit juice and edible things. Keep your kitchen, sink, slab, tables, counterparts clean and spray mild bleach cleaner to keep away ants. Sweep, vacuum and mop your home regularly. Keep food in the airtight container and refrigerate perishable food.

Ways to Kill off the Ant

Use White Vinegar - White vinegar works fast and effectively, spread it in the affected area by ants such as kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, shelves, corners etc. It is the most common home remedy for killing ants.

Kill the ant trail - First you have to recommended the entry point and create a barrier such as talc, petroleum jelly so that ants cannot come out then spray the trail with the bleach solution and collect them and rinse into the drain.

Kill the Ant Queen - The ant queen produces large number of ants. Ant queen can be found inside the nest of the ant at the bottom side.

Use some Borax and other homemade options

  1. You can make poison to get the ants scuttling about their food hunting. Mix Boric acid powder with sugar and water. Borax will affect ants internally when they drink water after eating it.
  2. Use cornmeal it is also kills the ants.
  3. Make a mixture of Garlic, onion and cayenne pepper and set it for an hour, after that add a tablespoon of dishwashing cleaner and put into a spray bottle and use to kill ants.
  4. Pour boil hot water on the area where the ants are to kill them.
  5. The mixture of rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water will also help to stay clear away the ants.

Locate the ant nest

This is the least recommended option. Find the ant nest may be in your house or around the house and dump boil water into the nest it will destroy completely nest of ant.


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