How You Can Get Rid Of Asian Beetles


Introduction to Asian Beetles

Asian Beetles are multicolored but orange or yellow insects that look like a ladybug; they are slightly larger than most native lady beetles and 3/8 inch long 3/8 inch wide. Asian Beetles are oval or convex in shape having black spot; the head is usually concealed beneath the disk-shaped and described as alligator shaped, they gather in groups and congregate in huge numbers.

Although Asian Beetles do not burrow or chew on housing materials and harmless because they do not carry diseases or bite much, however they do congregate in huge numbers. Asian beetles usually beneficial predators for garden and yards and eats aphids and other soft-bodied insects that dwell on crops and trees that injure plants in gardens, landscapes and agricultural settings. Adult beetle are capable to eat 90 to 270 aphids per day. They like Soybean crops very much and when soybean crops get harvested then they watch out new places for live and breed.

Are Asian Beetle a nightmare?

In many places multicolored Asian beetles has become a homeowner worst nightmare or household pests they tend to look for warm places in winters and try to invade in homes. The lady beetle start to seek over-wintering places, large number gather on outside wall due to warmed by sun. They looking unpleasant and a nuisance while meandering over your food and utensils. When you squish them it will startle you and can see their one destructive power called its reflex bleeding. It involves Asian Beetles emitting a foul-smelling yellow substance from their leg joints. Yellowish defensive chemical will sometime cause spot on wall and surface. Most people only annoyed by the odor of that chemical while some people have some allergic problem due to that chemical.

Asian Beetle Remedy

Prevention is the key - First you deter cracks and gaps in the wall, doors and windows and inspect outside of your house. Fill and repair those gaps and caulk around pipes, cables and holes that enter to your house. Repair and replace damage screen before getting enter the beetles in your house. Asian Beetle do not reproduce in the houses, they only seek warm places to spend winters.

Vacuum-up Asian Beetle - Vacuum up the Asian beetles that gather onto the wall, window sills and other warm area. This method will enable you to get rid quickly form masses of Asian beetle.

Use Pesticide to control Asian Beetle

Using Pesticides are the effective way to get rid of beetles. Fogging and spraying on all baseboards, window sills, doorsills, and other areas where Asian beetles persist. You can use Demon WP kill much quicker.CB80 is a pyrethrum based aerosol handheld fogger is very effective. You can use insects traps for Asian beetles.

For outdoor Asian Beetle control apply outdoor pesticides.

Natural ways to control Asian Beetles

You can use light trap to capture beetles, locate the light trap in the dark portion of your house.

Use homemade borax to kill them.

Spray mixture of camphor oil and water because they are sensitive to the vapors in camphor and run away from that place.


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