Now No More Bed Bugs in Your Home


Features of Bed Bug

Bed bugs are small insects and live on human blood for survival. Bed bugs squeeze themselves into tiny spaces. Bed bugs are common pest worldwide they can be showing everywhere in homes, hotels and even planes. Bed bugs and their egg can be found in several locations such as mattress seams, under sheets, pillow cases and crevices in furniture. Bed bugs are mostly found in North America. Bed bugs known as human parasites.

Physical Identification

Physically we can determine Adult Bed bugs light brown to reddish brown, flat, oval-shape body, having segmented abdomens with microscopic hairs they are 4–5 mm in length and 1.5–3 mm wide, they . Newly hatched bed bug is semi transparent, lighter in color and size like a poppy seed.

Reproduction of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs reproduce very quickly. They need blood meal to grow and lay egg. A female bug can lays 5 to 7 egg per week and 500 eggs in her whole life. Bed Bugs grown in 2-4 months and their life are long. Bed bugs quickly reproduce in temperatures between 70*deg; and 82*deg. According to scientist Bed bugs can sustain up to 550 days without feeding.

Effects of Bed bugs

Bed bugs cause number of health effects, their bite can be very itchy and irritating and cause skin rashes and allergic symptoms. Sometimes welt may persist for several weeks and if bites become infected then people have to consult with their doctor.

Prevent bed bugs

  1. Be aware before using second hand beds and furniture.
  2. When travelling inspects suitcases and keep them off the floor and bed.
  3. Storage facilities, trucks and railroad car may be infested by bed bugs so bed bug can invade through your home.
  4. Even if you don’t have Bed bugs caulk cracks and crevices.

Killing Bed Bug

Approach Bedbug Heat Treatment Kit - This is the quick and effective Bed bug treatment. Almost any area can be heated, this treatment regularly carried out in hotels, domestic houses, planes, railways etc.

Pesticides and insecticides - Pesticides include multiple tactics like chemical apply to targeted sites, preventive measures and sanitations. Choose best Pest Control Company and watch them that how they work. Insecticides usually include pyrethroids apply as treatment to cracks and crevices where Bed bugs are hiding. There are many readymade aerosol pesticide sprays available and can be use directly to kill bed bugs. Repeat insecticides two weeks after initial treatment because it not easy task to find all places where bed bugs are hiding.

Trap and kill Bed bug

Force Bed bugs to let them out from crevices with a putty knife, hot air from blow dryer then catch them with sticky tape and kill them.

Spray Rubbing Alcohol and Use lavender - You can use rubbing alcohol to kill Bed bugs on the spot. Bed bugs dislikes lavender, place the lavender sachets under mattress, sheets, pillow cover, sofa and around the house that will help repel bed bugs.

Clean your house - Routine cleaning of house will help you to remove Bed bugs from mattresses, carpet, walls and other surfaces. Steam cleaning of carpets is also helpful for killing bugs and eggs.


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