Know What to Do To Get Rid Of Bees


Some facts about bees

Bees are flying insects and there are about 20 thousand known spices of bees in the world. They found in every continent except Antarctica. Bees are good for pollinating garden and produce honey and beeswax. Bees live in colony and these colonies have 3 types of bees, queen bee, worker bee and drone. Drones are male and worker bee and queen bee are female. Only Queen Bee can reproduce its job is only to lay eggs.

Bees are adapting pollen and nectar to feed the colony and they take care of the offspring and mostly pollen is used as food for larvae. Bees store their venom in a sac attached to their stinger, because the stinger that is called an ovipositor, is a part of the female bee’s reproductive design.

Bees have long proboscis like complex tongue through which they obtain the nectar from flowers. They see in all color except red color. Bees make their nest around the roof line, voids of wall and on tree branch.

Get Rid of Bees

To get rid of bees first you have to find the nest because bees are day dwelling insects and it is easier to find the nest when sun starts to rise and when sun is going to set. You just follow one or two bees just before the sun set because they always go back to the hives in the evening.

Use Organic Bee Pesticides

Spray vegetable oil based horticultural oil as a pesticide on plants and other surfaces in the affected area where the bees might alight and this should be done in early morning and at night.

Don’t Use sweet smelling material in house. Avoid sweet smelling material because it attracts bees. You should not use scented candles and air freshening spray.

Spray raid into the nest. You can get rid of bees by spraying raid but this should be done in evening or in the night when bees are sleeping with using all precautions, you should wear face mask and protective clothing.

You Can Use Smoker. You can also use Smoker that mostly beekeeper used. By using Smoker the bees calm down from their hives. Then remove hives carefully.

Making Traps for the bees

Put a bug zapper right in front of main entrance of the bee nest while they are sleeping at night. When we see during the day they flew in and out they died. They died in number of hundreds and after few days you can see they either moved to another location or had died.

Call Bee Keeper

This is safer solution to get rid of bees. Bee Keeper is trained and they can easily and carefully remove bee hives using smoking and other equipments from your area. After removing hives you should use pesticide on that area so that bees cannot make their nest again.


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