How to get rid of Beetles? Prevention and Controlling Beetles


Information About Beetles

Beetles are those insects which have identified by more than twenty five thousand spices in the world. Beetles belong to order Coleoptera insect. They are commonly identified by their protective outer layering that surrounds the soft abdominal and their two pair of wings. The front wings called elytra and the beetles fold their front wing so they cover the back wing and back wings used for flying.

Beetle develop in 4-stages are Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult. The length of the lifecycle depends on types of beetle and amount of availability of food for the larvae.

Beetle depends on many different plant and animal materials. Some Beetles are destructive, they damage woolen and other fabrics, and some are ready to attack furniture and wooden items. Some spices of Beetles can be useful pesticide for agriculture because beetles are known to consume plant-sucking insects that harm crops.

Beetles Control

There are four most common household beetles are: Carpet Beetles, Japanese Beetles, Pantry Beetlesand Powder Post Beetles. It is quite difficult to get rid of Beetles completely, although there so many ways to get rid of Beetles.

No More Beetles by cleaning house

Cleaning the house is arguably the best and simple way of controlling beetles indoors. By regular cleaning make your house pest free house in easy form. For dealing with indoors Beetles wash the organic fabrics, daily used cloths, rugs and carpet with hot water and soap. Vacuuming your house regularly does not allow beetles such as household beetles for forming their population and they will run away from your clean place.

Corporate Pest Control and Spray

Some Time beetles can’t move easily, in that case best way to remove beetles is applying pest control products such as milky spore that comes in readily form. You can also call Corporate Pest Controller, to remove beetles from your house and around the house.

Before using spray make sure that windows and doors are open and kept your child and pets well out of the reach of the pest controller spray. Spray around all skirting boards where they meet the floor, especially into any gaps between the skirting board and floor because these are common entry points for beetles.

Traps for Beetle

You can use some traditional beetle traps to catch them. Pitfall traps are the most effective and widely used beetle trap, pitfall trap is plastic cup that is sunk into ground and its top is level with the surface and then beetle may be collected live, or killed in the trap.

Protection of Your Garden

You can lose your garden due to beetles; they can cause damage garden and plants. You can get rid by spray them with an over the counter insecticide. For that you have to first search the beetles where they are. You can use organic insecticidal soap spray a couple of times a weeks over a period of time to get the desired result you looking for.


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