How to get rid of Black Ants? Eliminate Black Ant Problem


First Get Some knowledge about Black Ants

Black Ants can be found anywhere; although they may not be painful like red ants but it’s not meaning that they can in invade in our home. The scientific name of Black Ant is monomorium minimum, these Black Ants are social creature and living in colonies of queen like other ants. Black Ant size can be 1.6 millimeter long and their nest can be found in dry areas, they eat sugary items, grains, black flies and insects.

Follow This If You Want To Live Without Black Ants

Seal up Cracks - Seal all the door sills and window sills with silicone caulk in your house because it can be entering point of the Black Ants.

Some Home Remedies for Bkack Ants

  1. Place some Cinnamon stick where Black Ants were swarming. After few hours they will go.
  2. Sprinkle salt, borax, paprika and dried peppermint on the Black Ants trail. You should also sprinkle in the cracks and near entry ways of Black Ants.
  3. Where you see Black Ant put the Peppermint oil on a cotton ball.
  4. Use vinegar over the surface areas that you have last seen the black ants.
  5. Drown out ants by pouring boiling water over the mounds and into the cracks.
  6. Blend repellent of citrus peelings and water and pour it over the Black Ants Trail.
  7. You should promptly clean your kitchen area, wipe off your kitchen counter and floor preferably with bleach after meals and trash out of your home.
  8. Tightly Wrap the food and set out on kitchen counter and use air tight container to store food. Refrigerate all perishable food, especially in the summer.

Spraying and Baiting Black Ants

Baits are the best management tactics because by using bait we can vanquish whole colony. Liquid bait is generally used for treating Black Ants in the houses. Liquid bait is readily available for purchase at hardware stores and retailers. You can pick up any brand but the best-selling brand is Terro. You place few drops on that place where you see Black Ants.

Make your own Bait, Mix 1 tsp. boric acid with 2 1/2 fluid oz. corn syrup or honey and then heat until the boric acid will dissolves. Add equal amount of water with in the liquid and drop that solution in places where Black Ants frequent for 2-3 weeks. One more Borax you can made, use 1 teaspoon of Borax, 2 teaspoons of castor sugar and some drops of hot water and mix it together, because ants like sweetness and they take it back to the nest where the Borax will kill them, try it every couple of days until they are gone.

Professional Pest Controller

You may also call professional pest controller for removing Black Ants. Pest Controller will carry out treatments for controlling and killing Black Ants from your house effectively.


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