How to get rid of Black Flies? Protection from Black Flies


Black Flies in House

Black Flies are most likely ordinary house Flies and they are common nuisance for the human being. Black Flies prefer to eat rotting fruit, rotting meat, animal dropping and anything that is in liquid form. Black Flies are insects that are related to mosquitoes, there are approx 18000 spices of them. 

Problems Due to Black Flies

Black flies are become a big problem along the Canadian Shield and in the northeastern states, near rivers and streams. In some country cattle have died from swarms of Black Flies and there are many cases where human dying due to Black Flies. Black Flies can spread many types of diseases such as Onchocerciasis or river blindness, such diseases causes blindness in the world. It is transmitted to the human body through the bite of Black Fly.

Getting Rid of Black Flies

In some countries local or statewide programs have been initiated to prevent Black Flies population. Reducing Black Flies can be helpful to free from the risk of cattle infestation and various human diseases.

Sanitation efforts and trapping techniques - You can use Liquid Traps specially designed to catch the Black Flies. These are sold in various retail outlets for using the outside of the home; they should be places at least 10 feet away from the house and you will make sure that traps placed in the area where Black Flies more and adjacent to any garbage containers. You can also easily make your own Fly Traps.

Prevention of Black Flies Breeding

The chemical BT formulation that is sprayed into moving water like streams, rivers etc. This should be done by professional and this method stop for breeding Black Flies because larvae need moving water to complete life cycle. Fogging is also helpful to kill black flies; it should be done during the day when they are actively feeding.

Self Protection from Black Flies

For self protection wear light color cloths that keep Black Flies away from you. Dark color like black, blue, and brown, red attract Black Flies, but white, off-white colored clothes will attract less and wear long sleeves, pants and gloves to cover up skin.

Keep Away Black Flies from Your Home

  • Stagnant water is also a reason behind Black Flies, so remove stagnant water in and around your home.
  • Do not remain garbage open because Black flies like rotten food so always keep garbage in packed garbage container and keep in distance from your house.
  • Cut tall grass of your yard and excessive growth of vegetation to reduce moisture which reduces attraction of Black Flies.

Head nets for Black Flies

This is the reliable outdoor gear against black flies. There are various head nets available in the market and they are cheap. There are two most popular head nets Cabella's Mosquito Head Net and Coghlin's Mosquito Head Net.


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