How to get rid of Black Windows? How to Kill and Prevent Black Widows?


The Black Widow Spider

Black Widow is dangerous Spider; their bite is so painful and poisonous, it can be found in wild and in homes. The Black Widow Spider most well known in North America. Typically they are in glossy black color and may also be dark brown to light brown and red or orange hourglass shape on its back. Black Widow has very powerful venom, it is said to even be more potent than a rattlesnake's.

A female Black Widow body may be one and half inch in length, while males are about half of female size. Black Widow Spider has longer legs and a smaller abdomen. This is Female Black Widow’s curious tendency to kill and eat its partner after mating. Black Widow Spider construct irregular, scaffold-type webs in a protected site such as among items piled together, beneath boards, in firewood, and between boxes. Black Widow can eat any kind of insects.

Eliminating a Favorable Environment for Black Widows

This is your first step to eliminate all those places where Black Widow prefers to make their web. Caulking gun and a tube of sealant; fill any little holes that you might see around wires, cables, faucets. Piles of lumber, firewood, stones or other debris should be moved from the home, stored off the ground, and covered with plastic.

Is your Yard is friendly for Black Widows?

Firstly clean your yard and cut away heavy vegetations such as Ivy from the foundation, because this stuff (Ivy) is heaven for spider. Cut regularly tall grasses and plants. Move wood piles far away from the house.

Use sticky traps for Black Widow

You can use sticky traps at the basement or of the garage door, there may be more chances in basement and in garages where Black Window live, these places provide shelter to them.

Methods of Controlling Black Widows

Check your house from top to bottom and look in closets and cupboards, behind furniture, and search anywhere you think a Black Widow could be hiding. Webs, black widows and eggs should be sucked up using a vacuum cleaner; it is easy because it can pull the black widows from hidey-holes. After completing remove vacuum bag and put it in tight closing sack and trash it outside away from house.

Kill Black Widows

  1. There are so many chemical treatments for Black Widow Spider.
  2. Spot Treatment: A liquid residual wettable powder such as Demon WP Insecticide can be spray in corners, under furniture, behind stored items and around other areas. This will help to both kill existing spider and prevent new spider.
  3. A non-residual aerosol insecticide can be used directly on Black Widow Spiders to kill live spiders.
  4. A dust agent such as Delta Dust Insecticide or Drione Dust is an ideal treatment for killing Black Widows. For using these techniques you should read instruction on the product.


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