How to Get Rid of Blushing


About Blushing

Blushing is a publicly inhibiting situation that can cripple a victim. Also blushing is like sweating and shaking. People thinking and anxiety about the fear of blushing in fact encourages blushing. Blushing is an ordinary reaction of the body to emotions like embarrassment, anger, excitement and even love. People with blush extremely can become awkward and as an effect develop a phobia linked with it, making their blushing problem even worse.

Prevent For Blushing

Alcohol and following food items should be avoided in carcinoid syndrome to control the blushing associated with this disease complex: aubergine, avocado, bananas, chocolate, hickory nuts, kiwi fruit, pecan nuts, pineapple, plum, red wine, spicy foods, tomatoes, walnuts.

Tips to treat Blushing

If you feel something shameful is about to happen, deliberately drop your shoulders and take a deep breath to relax your body. Do not hiding the blushing only creates a vicious cycle  in coming to terms with it and accepting that you blush easily, the redness goes away faster. If you something is about to make you uneasy, start telling everyone in the room that you are about to blush or warn them that a red facial reaction is coming through.

Always remember that other people blush, too. Everybody has gone through something silly in their life and their experience is probably even more shameful than yours. Never think that blushing makes you weak. Some people even find it cute and amusing.


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