How to get rid of Boxelder Bugs? Preventive Measures of Boxelder Bugs


About Boxelder Bugs

The Boxelder Bugs are typically feed on the seeds of the box elder tree. They are a harmless, nuisance pest in and around house throughout the US from fall through early spring. These Boxelder bugs are about 1/2 inch in length and 1/4 an inch in width. They are in black and red or black and orange in color, they only congregate in large numbers when there’s a female box elder tree in the neighborhood.

Luckily Boxelder Bugs are not potentially dangerous like mosquitoes, house flies, or wasps though they may be ugly; they won't reproduce in your home. Box elder bugs gather in sunny areas on the sides of homes and buildings looking for areas to nest or spend the winter. They do not cause injure pets and human, they do not feed on house plants and furniture.

Keeping Boxelder Bug Out Of Your House

  • If Boxelder Bugs are invading in to your house, you should make it hard to Boxelder Bugs to find a way to get into your house. Torn screen of windows and doors should be repaired; Caulk all cracks around windows, doors, vents, light fixtures, pipes and conduits. The Boxelder Bugs are attracted to light, so close your doors and windows when your lights are on.
  • Making your House Unattractive for Them - Cutting down the Female Box elder Tree outside your home, this is the most effective and permanent solution to keep away Boxelder Bugs from your house.
  • Remove any piles or rocks, boards or general debris that is near to your home.
  • Remove Rake leaves and unnecessary grass from your yard.

Natural killer of Boxelder

Insecticidal soaps are the effective way to remove the cuticle of Boxelder Bugs which leading to their death. The insecticidal soap must be sprayed directly and you can get rid of dense clusters of the Boxelder Bugs.

Pyrethrins Insecticide are also another natural killer, it is derivative of the chrysanthemum flower and have great power to kill pests. They are in spray, powder, dust and aerosols form so if you spray in your house it will keep your house away from Boxelder Bugs for several days.

Kill Outdoor Boxelder Bugs

Use the insecticide spry to kill outdoor Boxelder Bugs when you have large cluster of Boxelder Bugs gathering around your house. Some effective insecticide, like CyKick CS or Cynoff WP, contains the organic compound Pyrethrin. Some product like Cyonara LP, NiBan, and Demand G. can be sprayed around your house.

Catch the Boxelder Bugs by using Trap

Traps are very useful for catching and killing bugs from that places which is not easy to reach them like ceilings, basements, and crawlspaces. There are many types of traps available in market. You can use sticky traps where Boxelder bugs living.


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