Want to Protect Yourself and House from Brown Recluse Spiders!


The Brown Recluse Spiders are also referred as fiddle back and identified by the Violin Pattern on the cephalothorax or in other word marking immediately behind the Six Eyes; it may not be in the younger Recluse Spider. Brown Recluse Spiders are in both brown and recluse. Adult Recluse Spider is light brown. The another recognized feature is Brown Recluse Spider has six eyes arranged in pairs called dyads, one dyad is toward the front and the other two are toward the first leg of the spider attach to the body. Their body is about 3/8 inches long and 3/16 inches wide, males are slightly smaller than females. Brown Recluse Spider mostly lives in a circumscribed area of the U.S. i.e. the south central Midwest. The brown recluse spider prefers to live in dark, sheltered areas such as under porches and in woodpiles.

Is Brown Recluse Spider Bites You?

If you see a mark on your skin and you think that spider may bite you, if it is spider bite there will be two separate fang marks, the fang marks and surrounding skin turn darker and red in color due to necrosis. After few hours and weeks the biting area may become severe itchy, painful, swollen.
You should have to get medical attention as soon as you can, the first aid is to wash with soap and apply ice.

Have Some Sanitation Practices and Avoid possible Recluse Spider Bites

  • Shake well your shoes and cloths before wearing.
  • Make sure bedding is not touching the floor, inspect before sleeping and keep away from curtain and wall.
  • Store shoes and clothes in sealed plastic bag and keep inside drawers.
  • Take care of unnecessary moisture such as leaky pipes and standing water which attract to spiders.
  • When you are storing unused items in cardboard boxes, tapes them up very well with packing tape and keep off the floor and away from the wall.
  • If that spider is on the floor then kills it immediately otherwise it will hide into newspapers, magazines and any other places.
  • Tall grasses should be cut timely and heavy vegetation such as ivy should be cut away from the foundation.
  • Firewood, stones, boards and other debris should move away from your home.
  • Residual Dust agent should be puffed into cracks, crevices, wall voids and behind switch plates.

Removal of Brown Recluse Spider

Killing them Directly
Existing Brown Recluse Spiders, webs and eggs can be removed by vacuum clean your house regularly. A non-residual aerosol insecticide can be sprayed heavily under logs and rain traps and spray directly on spiders. You may also use some fogging application to the basement and garages.

Glue Spider Traps
By using these traps we can stop spiders without toxic sprays. The super sticky spider glue can catch spider by single leg. You can place traps on the door of store and in corners.

Getting Professionals
You may also call your local pest controllers to do job for removal of Brown Recluse Spiders. They are experienced at removal and know where they are hiding.


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