Got Frustrated over Carpenter Ants crawling in and around your Home?


Carpenter Ants are indigenous to many parts of the world but most common found in Kentucky State of United State. They vary in size and color but usually 1/4-1/2 inch large and black in color. There are several spices of Carpenter Ant and they nest in moist wood inside and around the house often in rotting wood and mostly found in spring season. Mostly workers are in black or red color and winged queen size may be around one inch. Carpenter Ant has elbowed antennae, slender waist and second pair of wings smaller than first pair.
Carpenter ant nest found in rotting tree, tree roots and logs or boards, they also find behind bathroom tiles, around sinks, shower, tubes and dishwasher and they also inhabit curtain rods, hollow spaces in doors and wall voids etc. Carpenter Ant colony called satellite colony because they mature into hundred of members and will seek to create more satellite colony.
They feed on sources of protein and sugars like aphid and other sweet sugary insects, very attracted to honey dew also. Although Carpenter Ants have a habit of making the galleries and tunnel in the wood but they do not eat wood.

Killing and Prevention of Carpenter Ants

How to Prevent?

  • Use Perimeter treatments of building foundations, lawns or trees with a liquid insecticide will help you to prevent outdoor foraging ants from entering into house.
  • Plumbing roof leaks and correct other moisture problems which will attract them and seal cracks entering area specially pipes and wires.
  • Firewood is a primary nesting area for carpenter ants, so remove them from your yards and storage area.
  • Clean up your house to make it unattractive for them.

Killing of Carpenter Ants

Destroy Nests
The simplest way to get rid of Carpenter Ant Colony is to pour the soda water directly into Ant Hole; carbohydrate will kill them due to suffocation.

Baiting Treatment

Indoor Baiting is very effective and safest. Use Bait food by mixing 1% of Boric Acid and 10% sugar water, when worker ants eat the bait food or carry with them to the nest and share it then it will kill all. The Boric Acid can be sprayed behind the wall and into the wall voids. The other treatment is for both inside and outside to sprinkle some corn meal and grits around the ant hole and area where they are living. You may also use readymade baits like Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait or Advanced Carpenter Ant Bait Gel. It is more effective and as long as they applied in wall voids, corners and under carpeting. The KM Ant Pro Ant Bait Station with Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait is the best for overall pick for outside carpenter ant control.

Call Professional Exterminator

The Professional exterminator is the best way to completely get rid of Carpenter Ants. They apply all the treatments for killing and preventing the Carpenter Ants inside or around the house.


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