Control and Treatment of Carpenter Bees


Carpenter Bees are so named because they build their nest in wood and excavate galleries or tunnels. They do not make hives and do not produce honey. They feed on pollen and nectar and do not eat wood. They are frequently seen in spring for nesting around the eaves of a house or the underside of a deck or porch rail. Carpenter Bees are mostly occurring in the eastern and western United State. Carpenter Bees are large in size resembling Bumble Bees, usually near about 1 inch long and colored a metallic blue-black with green or purplish reflections, the thorax covered with bright yellow, orange or white hairs. Their upper side of the abdomen is black.

Prevent Carpenter Bees to make wood unappealing

Carpenter Bees nest in wide range in softwood and they tend to target same nesting sites every year. So one preventive measure is to paint and finish the nest that has been infested in past years. If possible exposed wood, window trims, decks, outdoor furnishing should be constructed by hardwood and use treated lumber for all outdoor wood, paint with several good coats of high quality enamel. Thoroughly plug the hole in the wood with caulking compound and wood putty.

Treat Carpenter Bees Nest using insecticides

When female bee is drilling away when you can use Wasp Spray such as Wasp Freeze and hornet spray or WD-40 into the hole and when female come back will kill quickly. After that immediately fill the hole by wood putty or energy seal. You also need to attack the nest directly by using the Dust Insecticides when there is larvae in the hole and do not seal the hole in that case , wait until the larvae will hatched and fly through the dusted gallery and die due to dust insecticides.

Seal off the Hole

Do not seal the Carpenter Bees holes very soon because when larvae will hatched they will make new escape route, instead wait for 2-3 months until no activity will notice then seal off the nesting holes with wood putty.

Carpenter Bees Traps

Another solution is to use Carpenter bee Traps. Traps should be placed before bees become active, over the spring and summer season. First fill all the existing holes so the Carpenter Bees will not attract to them. These traps consist of wood piece that have holes and built in that way the Carpenter Bees can’t get back out.

Get Rid by Exterminator

When you have done all types of solution to get rid of Carpenter Bees and after that you are not able to stop infestation of them then last solution is to call Professional Exterminator. They will have commercial grade insecticides and usually satisfaction guarantee that they will get the job done.


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