Remove Carpet Beetles Congregate


Carpet Beetles like to make appearance by invading into your homes, they are extremely common in our area; they are mostly damage carpet, feathers, leather, wool or items made from hairs like wool carpet, blanket, sweaters etc. Although they live outside but their tiny size makes it easy to take up into our houses. However they do not sting, bite or carry any diseases but you don’t know how destructive they are?
Carpet Beetles are in several different spices but generally tan in color and covered by tiny black, brown and white scale and have stiff hairs on the body. Mostly found Carpet Beetle is small and oval in shape, the larvae grow up to 3/8 inch and adult grow to 1/4 inch in length, the larval state may cause most damage.

Controlling the Carpet Beetles

Fabric Protection

When you are going to store your woolens, blankets and other fabrics for long time then you should always dry clean them and pack in plastic bag with moth balls that will not allow carpet beetle to enter into it. Clean and Wash your fabrics with hot water to remove larvae and eggs if they are in your cloths.
Store those susceptible items at a temperature below 40 degree; it prevents infestation of Carpet Beetle. You can also expose them to extreme heat such as cloths and carpet lie in direct sun rays.

Close Entry Ways

Inspect your house if there are any cracks and holes in between windows and air ducts should be sealed. Check doors and screen window should be tightly fitted so that Carpet Beetles cannot enter through them.

Remove Carpet Beetles

Cleaning and vacuum: Remove Carpet Beetles by vacuum off them. Do frequently cleaning your house, vacuum clean your carpets, furniture, sofas and remove all material which attracts them such as pet hairs, lint, debris etc.

Use Insecticide Spray and Dust Products

To get rid of Carpet Beetles you can also use insecticide spray such as Ultracide, Demand, Demon WP and various non-residual materials recommended for spot treatment. Spray around the floor boards and furniture, back of the cabinets and the places where they can found. Dust products such as Pyganic Dust have longer residual time than the spray, you can apply in the areas with little amount like under or behind furniture, book shelves and outlets, it should be applied with a hand duster into all cracks and crevices where the spray cannot penetrate, but keep your children and pets out of their reach.
The odorless insecticide can be sprayed directly on carpets, flooring where Carpet Beetle are mostly found.

Remove Bird’s nest and Bee’s nest

These are the favorite places where carpet Beetle adults lays their eggs, so remove all  bird’s nest and Bee’s nest near or around your house.


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