Don’t want Caterpillars in your Garden


Caterpillars are larvae of moths and butterflies; this is the second stage of the lifecycle of butterfly. They are most herbivorous in food habit, and many of spices of caterpillars are considered to be pest in agriculture. Some Caterpillars such as Cutworms are found eating the stems of cabbage, carrot, tomatoes, corns etc. Gypsy moth Caterpillar is most commonly on trees and shrubs. The Caterpillar in your yard will strip your plants bare, when you see them for first time then you should do to start some treatments against caterpillar otherwise they will not take time to multiply further and leave your garden with nothing.

Caterpillar Controlling Methods

Removing Caterpillar Manually By Hand

This is very easy method to remove Caterpillar by your hand with using a thin stick, but it can apply in that case when the number of caterpillar is less. After removing through the stick you can crush them on ground using your foot or kill them by dropping them into bucket of soapy water.

Place Sticky Bands

You can get rid of Caterpillar by placing Sticky Bands around the base of plants, through the Sticky Bands caterpillar will stick with them and can’t reach to plants.

Spray and Dust Plants foliage

You can spray the foliage of plants with neem oil or with organic pesticides. It will control and kill Caterpillar and other pests. Dust Foliage of plants with Bacillus thuringiensis, or BT powder. BT is natural Bacteria that kill Caterpillars.

Destroy the Nest and Eggs

Caterpillar Nest and Eggs are easy to spot during falls. Locate the nest and eggs and pluck and destroy or crush the stems and leaves.

Introduce Predatory insect and birds into your Garden

Another way to control Caterpillar is to Introduce Birds and Predatory pest into your garden. Caterpillar is very rich in protein so Predatory insect love to eat them. Hang a bird feeder to attract them into your garden and feed on caterpillar; Bat, duck and chicken also like to eat them. Lizard and frog also enjoy eating the Caterpillar.

Home Made Killers

Garlic is natural acidic substance; by using Garlic in any form you can easily kill the caterpillar. Mix two cup of water, one teaspoon dish soap and add two spoon of Garlic powder and spray onto the caterpillar and plants leaves. Diced Garlic cloves can be sprinkle on the plants.

Hot Pepper is also natural insect repellent, Sprinkle powder of Red Pepper around the loan and garden will keep away caterpillar.

Plantation of Herbs around your garden

Plant Herbs and Flowers around your garden your garden, it will repel caterpillar. Many insects don’t like scent of lavender, mugwort, sage and peppermint, so do plantation of these kind of plant will keep away caterpillars from your yard or garden.


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