Completely Elimination of Centipedes


Centipedes are belonging to Phylum Arthropda; there are more than 2000 spices of centipedes all over the world. Although Centipedes are looking dangerous, but they are not harmful for the human being, they only bite only for self-defense. Centipedes usually live in damp area like under stones, boards, tree bark and around outdoor planting. Centipedes are usually brownish, flattened, and elongate. They have one pair of legs per body segments and may have 15 or more pairs of legs; its last pair of legs is directed backward and different from other pair of legs. Some Centipedes have eyes and some doesn’t have. When Centipedes habitats near a home foundation then they can enter to home and wander anywhere at floor level. The house Centipedes are mostly grayish-yellow in color and have dark stripes on body. House Centipedes are usually find in kitchen, bathroom, basement and any other crawl space.

How to Prevent House Centipedes?

  • Centipedes are naturally attracted to that house where it can find plenty of food like other bugs. So this is the primary step to remove such bugs spiders, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, flies and larvae from the house.
  • Remove piles of grass clippings, old logs, ivy, leaves out of your yards and keep away from your house will help to get rid of Centipedes because they attract them.
  • Seal Cracks on wall, cracks, Cracks in your house foundation and edges of pipes which are getting in and out of house with silicon or acrylic. Block entry points and cover the floor drains using window screen.
  • Centipedes love moist environment, so keep your house dry. They will stay in house as long as they find moist. For that clean damp basement and keep dry other areas in house.
  • Keep habit for regular Pest Control, if you have children and pets, try looking into diatomaceous earth. It is non-toxic and safe alternative harmless for humans.

Killing the Centipedes

Traps for Centipedes
You can trap them in a jar also and will throw out away from your house. The sticky traps are more effective than using jars, simply set up sticky traps on that places where Centipedes hunt. This is most easiest way to kill them without using Chemical Extermination.

Boric Acid Treatment
Boric Acid has been insecticide over the years. Sprinkle boric acid around basement floorboard because Centipedes like to hang out in such areas. You may also sprinkle along wall baseboards and on that place where you have seen Centipedes last time.

Call Professionals
If Centipedes won’t leave your home and centipedes problem is really serious, in that case you should call Professional controllers to kill Centipedes. They have all the equipments and knowledge to get rid of Centipedes. They will do all right treatment to kill them from the root.


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