Chiggers Prevention and Treatments to Get Rid


Chiggers also known as red bugs and larvae of harvest mites or scrub mites are rare parasites. Changing Climate will increase the frequency of presence of Chiggers, mostly affected by the warmer weather. The Chiggers feed on animals and humans, they are generally found in forests, and any shaded areas, in fields, in tall grasses. Chiggers are usually about 0.4 mm of size, so they are too small to be seen with naked eyes, they can be seen through microscope. They hide in grass and leaves and affix themselves who get close enough for Chiggers, after that they penetrate through skin and start to feed on blood. Chiggers use tube that is very sharp enough to penetrate through the skin. After some time you can see rashes due to chiggers. Their bites may cause diseases, most of diseases transmitted by chiggers can be treated at home, there are some rare cases when you need doctor.

Preventive Measures for Chigger Bites

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants, it will keep chiggers off your body.
  • You should stay away from tall weeds and heavy undergrowth.
  • Apply Sulfur Powder on clothing and shoes before going out, because this works as a chigger repellent.
  • Take shower thoroughly and lather your body with soap after entering areas that might be infested of chiggers. And also wash clothes that you wore in infested area.
  • After Bath applies a paste of baking soda and water, it will help you to get rid of any chiggers that might remain.
  • If you have itching then treat the area with an antiseptic ointment to prevent infection.
  • You can also use insect repellent containing deet, apply to your clothing, shoes, pant legs and sleeves, do not apply to your skin and pets.
  • If Your Pet becomes infested with chiggers, you wash them and their clothes at the same time.

Eliminate Chiggers from the Yard

Keep your yard with trimmed grass and pulled weeds. Maintain neat and tidy landscape by the habit to keep yard beds weeded and remove accumulated leaf litter. Remove any dense foliage that isn't part of the landscaping and flood all remaining foliage with a mixture of soap and water to kill off chiggers. Eliminate shades from you yards because chiggers can’t tolerate sunlight and also remove decaying wood, vegetative debris and brush piles from the house. This habit will help to keep chiggers population down.

Pesticides Treatments for Chiggers

Use Pesticides in those yard areas which are affected by the chiggers and you are sure that there are chiggers and keep children and pets off treated areas, also don’t allow to animals to eat treated plants. In the spring season you have to use Pesticides multiple times. You should always read the instruction before using any pesticides.


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