Solving Cricket Problem in Home


In certain Asian Culture Crickets are unwelcome nuisance that can be extremely annoying due to their constant high-pitched chirp at night. Cricket does not bite or sting but they eat fabrics, household things and trash and destroy your wallpaper, carpeting, furs, wood and rubber, they also find their way into your kitchen and spoil your food. There are several spices of Cricket but mainly we are bothered by the house cricket we can’t allow them in our house. They are usually 16 to 21 mm long, light yellowish brown in color and wings that cover the abdomen.

How to Prevent Crickets?

Crickets are sneaky little bugs that can crawl through cracks in your home so follow these points to prevent them:

  • Caulk or whetherstrip cracks in windows, screen and exterior walls especially around the foundation.
  • Clean out those areas outside the home where they can nest and hide and keep trimmed grasses near your home. Removing stacks of wood, brush, bricks and similar objects that are close to your house.
  • In the summer don’t leave your windows and door open, use screens on the windows and doors and turn off your outdoor lights because lights attracted to Cricket in large number.
  • Cricket can also enter to your home through the plant, if you have a habit to transfer plant from out to in and vice versa then they can get in the home through the plant because usually they stick with the plants so pay attention while transferring plants from out to in.
  • Raking through the garden and soil areas with some tools in early morning, this will expose the cricket eggs to predators which will gladly eat them.

Killing the invading Crickets

If you are currently suffering from an infestation of crickets then you should kill them by following techniques:

Using Cricket Traps
Cricket trap are best using for eliminate them. Use can use your home made traps, crickets are notorious for attracting to molasses. Take a jar and fill it with molasses and water and place it cricket infested areas, crickets will attract to that jar and jump into it. You can also use sticky glue traps, this is non-toxic way to catch crickets especially when you have small children and pets in your house.

Use Spray and Baits
Bug spray and insecticides are proven to kill and remove crickets immediately. There are several Readymade Cockroaches and bugs spray, you can apply on spot and infested area will eliminate them quickly. Bait is also good approach to kill them simple leave the bait in the affected area and wait for some days will remove crickets.

Non Toxic Orange Guard
This is also a best natural water based product to get rid of crickets; it is harmless to pets and humans. You can use in kitchen and other area where you are storing your food. It includes natural orange peel extract, and it leaves behind a fresh clean scent.

Pest Control
This is the solution when you have tried all of them previously suggest you. You may call Professional Pest Controller to kill off them.


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