Best ways to get rid of Drain Flies?


Eliminate Drain Flies
Drain flies or moth flies are usually gallivanting where drains are located. They are common nuisance in and around both home and sewage treatment plants, while adults congregate in bathroom around showers, bathtubs, sinks and also found on kitchen sinks, floor drains, garbage, compost and septic tanks. Normally they come from floor drain and looking for food. Since Drain flies do not very harmful but there is the possibility to transmission of disease that can affect human health. Drain flies are small dark color insects about 1/16 inches long with light colored wings, giving fuzzy appearance covered with hairs. Female Drain flies lays near about 10 to 200 eggs. They are feed on organic things like hair, grease, food, sludge etc. Their habit is usually hanging out on walls or on flat surface.

Extermination Methods

Before you carry out any extermination method of drain flies you should first identify the source of breeding for that stick tapes on drains to see whether drain flies are coming from there then follow some treatments for removal of them.

Drains Cleaning and grouting Tiles
Drain flies thrive in slimy and dirty drains so if you keep your drains clean then it help you to control drain flies endeavor. Regularly pour Drain Gel for whole night and in the morning pour lots of water in the drain will remove all drain flies. Use the pipe brush and plumbing snake and to clean sides of pipes and pull all the organic matters out from the pipes it will kill both drain flies and eggs. Moisture is also attract drain flies so you need to re grout the tiles help in removing the moisture in the tiles and helps to get rid of drain flies.

Use Chemical to Kill Drain Flies
You can use an enzyme/bacterial drain cleaner such as Earth Enzymes or BacOut to remove the organic slime that removes drain flies. Bleach, Vinegar and pouring boil water will also help you for eliminating the existing drain flies. Some Pesticides sprays for killing small flies also available readymade in market so you may use it for quick kill of flies by spraying direct in the drain and the surrounding areas. Apply Spray also under sinks, behind refrigerator, around the water heater and under the dishwasher for stagnant water where drain flies usually hanging.

Prevention of Drain Flies

As you know prevention is always better than cure. Once you have eliminated the drain flies it is not sure that they will never come back, so prevention is absolutely important to control Drain Flies.

  • Dispose your Garbage correctly and throw your leftover food should help you to control drain flies.
  • Find and eliminate the source of drain flies such as area of excess moisture and build up of organic debris. Cover the source of indoor drain flies with glue boards and other alternate such as loose ceramic floors, water tank, roof gutter, toilet tanks, sinks, shower drains etc.
  • Clean wet lint under the washing machine, and even standing water in containers under houseplant pots; inspect air conditioners, sewage treatment facilities.


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