How to Get Rid of Your Husband


Many women know how uncomfortable it feels to make the first move and first move and be the one to efforts to win guy’s heart. Flirting with a man and making him go down for you, although is no longer a thing of the past. If you are going out and adventurous trip, you can capture the hearts of you the wanted. Then you want to get rid of your husband or prince charming person.

Tips for get rid of your husband

Do not be thankful, never say “thank you, please and hello”, fairly the opposing, talking only rude words. Use slang, cant and jargon not only when you’re annoyed, but also during usual moments of your communication.  In common, forget about all polite words your mother taught you, they are useless in family life.

Give up this stupid habit to take a shower in evenings, brush your teeth, ears, shoes, folder of sent messages in your mobile, lavatory pan after long “sittings”, wash-bowl from toothpaste. In all-purpose, it’s improved to stop looking after you completely. Your look, smells of your body and cloth, sounds you can utter. Don’t care about atmosphere in your house and the method you look at home, whether it’s enjoyable to stay in one room with you, one bed, at one table. If they don’t like, they can go wherever they like. Think and act this way, and you will have a lucky divorce.

 Avoid spending time with family. Go party all the time and come home when ever you want to. Don’t use up time with your husband. Get a vacation, but go alone, don’t ask your husband to join you and ignore him completely. Ditch every your household work like taking out the trash, the laundry or cooking.

 Avoid sex. Irrelevant of what your husband says, reject him sex. Conditions you do end up having sex then scream out the name of some old flame of yours all the time. That should put him down. Or remain complaining how unsatisfying it is to sleep with him and that you will be looking for some help outside to satisfy yourself.

 Trench him personal hygiene. Not remember about grooming yourself when you are with him. Avoid wearing clean clothes when you go out with him. No showers before getting into bed. Avoid  make an effort to look good when you are with him. You can be clumsy, but make sure he knows you don’t care what he thinks about your looks or dressing.

Make him feel that he is insecure and jealous. Ask to your husband friends to set you up on dates. Do flirt with every guy you come across when you are with him and send text messages to other men and “conveniently” leave the cell phone around so your husband can read them. Take your photographs with other men and display them in your room.


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