How to Get Rid of Messy Roommates


Messy roommates are extremely irritating. One and all know that sharing a room means sharing responsibilities, like cleaning up your own mess. Neither can they make a mess out of their part of the room; they can also make a mess out of the whole thing in the room you both share. That can be irritating at first, but finally your room is going to stink from stale pizza, unwashed laundry, and dried-up soda.

Prevent for Messy Roommates Problem

Rinse all cookware, cutlery, plates, and other dining items after you've finished eating. Always keep systematic your clothes and shoes in the proper places, like the closet, shoe rack, or under the bed. Keep your bed well after you wake up. Tuck in and straighten the sheets, fold up your blanket or comforter, and fluff up the pillows. Set books, homework, and paperwork in proper order. Store them in a bookshelf, or keep them neatly stacked and stored on a study table.

Sweep up and mop the floor each weekend. Confirm to get all the dirt and grime from spilled food or drinks, particularly if you host house parties at your place. Reimburse special attention to places like your bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. Individual belongings like clothes and toiletries should be prearranged into private spaces.

General areas like the kitchen, dining room, and the living room are not places to store personal things. Keep everything in its proper places after you have used it. If not you live in a small space, never eat outside the dining area.

The occupant should do their share in the upkeep of the house. You should also timetable weekly cleaning tasks. Even, things might get a little heated between the two of you. That is  may be unavoidable, attempt  to keep things constructive, and keep away from outright bickering. when your roommate doesn't realize what will occur if they don't start picking up their end of the deal, then they will never be able to fix it and get better.

Set  meeting with  your roommate and together create a cleaning schedule that you both agree on. Do the Cleaning once a week will prevent the messes from building up, which ultimately cuts down on work in the long run.

Do not be  nagging, it annoys them just as much to be criticized for being dirty as it annoys you to have things dirty. Think having a time each week when you eat together for dinner, then clean the house. A refreshing meal together strengthens the good will between you and also serves as a cue to your roommate that it's time to clean now.

Differentiate between filth and mess. Dirty dishes left for months are unsanitary, but books and papers spread over the desk is just messy. Some people can't function or work in a non-messy space.


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