Rutin - Benefits and Side effects of Rutin Supplements


Rutin is a natural bioflavonoid, listed in the US Pharmacopoeia (USP), it is extracted from fruits of the Fava D'Anta tree (Dimorphandra). These trees are native to the vast savanna areas in the North-East of Brazil.

Rutin is a Citrus Bioflavonoid - a natural substance found in plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, bark, and buckwheat. Citrus Bioflavonoids help protect capillaries, prevent bruising, and intensify the effect of vitamin C in the body.

Rutin is a member of bioflavonoids, a large group of phenolic secondary metabolites of plants that include more than 2,000 different known chemicals. Bioflavonoids such as Quercetin, Rutin, and Hesperidin are important nutrients due to their ability to strengthen and modulate the permeability of the walls of the blood vessels including capillaries.

The superoxide anions scavenging activity and antioxidation of seven flavonoids--quercetin, rutin, morin, acacetin, hispidulin, hesperidin, and naringin--were studied...The scavenging activity ranked: rutin was the strongest, and quercetin and naringin the second, while morin and hispidulin were very weak.

Rutin is often used along with other bioflavonoids to help strengthen capillaries. It may be particularly helpful for those who bruise or bleed easily.

Rutin is the active ingredient in Rue ( Ruta graveolens ) historically Rue has been used as tea to induce miscarriage by thousands of women in latin america. The leaves were also eaten daily in salads as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy. And according to Susun Weed Rutin can be used as a form of contraception or emergency contraception.


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