Amla - Benefits and Uses


Introduction to Amla:

Indian gooseberries more commonly known as amla, happen to be one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. It is popularly said, that a single amla contains the same level of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C that is contained in two oranges. Being one of the most potent naturally occurring anti-oxidant, it is also known to improve on the overall protein level of the body by inducing a positive nitrogen balance. Apart from all these, amla is also known to improve upon the body weight and aid in balancing the ill-effects of different toxins present within the body. 

Different Benefits of Amla:

There are loads of benefits that are associated with amla, some of which are mentioned below: The most important benefit is that amla balances the uneven stomach acids.  It also enhances the food absorption capacity of different organs within the body.  It acts as a strong rejuvenating agent and helps in improving the resistance power of the body.  Since amla is a strong anti-oxidising agent, it also helps in reducing the onset of pre-mature aging.  It has also been known to improve on different brain functions and pacify the state of mind.  Amla also acts as a very good coolant. 

When Amla can be used?

Amla can be used in treating different medical conditions, both chronic as well as mild. It can be used during cough or sore throat or cold and even in other forms of respiratory infections. During respiratory infections and hyperacidity, amla acts as a coolant and is generally known to reduce the ill-effects of the high levels of toxin created due to such disorders. Also in skin disorders and during dyspepsia, amla can be used to cure these conditions and provide extreme relief and accelerated healing. Thus, there are several conditions in which this ayurvedic wonder medicine can be used to cure disorders in a purely natural process. 


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