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Who is Ramdev Baba?

Ramkishan Yadav, now known as Ramdev Baba, is a Hindu Indian ascetic who has become popular through the teaching of yoga and Ayurvedic treatments. His yoga classes are similar to the basic components of the yoga guru, Patanjali. His goals are to popularize yoga by his Divya Yog Mandir trust which is situated in Hardwar. He is the student of Swami Shankardevji Maharaj.

How did he become famous?

He became famous through yoga classes and today, his classes are followed by millions of people across the world through TV channels, video and classes. According to him, his main goal is to make every individual in the world lead a healthy life through yoga. His yoga camps have been attended by both common people and dignitaries. Popularizing the study of yoga and its related forms as a mass movement was due to the hard effects of Ramdev Baba.

What are the medicines of Ramdev Baba and its uses?

He has been in the middle of controversy that he can cure HIV and other incurable diseases through yoga and ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda is a remedy of healing the body without any side effects by making use of medicines prepared out of nature like plants, seeds and other sources. Its aims are to make the body healthy without disturbing the biological system and ensuring that the disease does not attack the same individual again. Its main objectives are to prevent pre-mature aging and overall health of the individual.

There are many medicines which have been prepared to cure according to the nature and problem of an individual and some of them are given below:

Amla Churna: It is helpful in complaints of the digestive system and useful in the treatment of ulcers, blood impurities and hyper acidity. It also increases the immunity of the body and aids in the removal of toxins.

Divya Arshkalp Vati: very helpful for individuals who suffer from piles and colic pain, helps cure jaundice, aids in the production of digestive juice in stomach and  purification of blood.

It is advisable to use these medicines under the guidance of a physician.


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