Low Sperm Count - Treatment and Causes


Sperms and semen are something which every male is concerned about. After all that is the source of their manhood. Sperms and semen are responsible for bringing out new life. However, there are plenty of men on earth who are incapable of contributing for a new life. In other words they are infertile.

What is infertility?

Infertility is said to be that situation in which the male or the female cannot contribute to reproduction in the normal way. Talking about men here, when their sperms are not strong enough to fertilize an egg of women, he is said to be infertile. This situation basically happens because of low sperm count. One need not worry about it as treatment for low sperm count is possible.

What is low sperm count?

The sperm in the semen is said to be 20 million per millimeter. If the numbers of sperms cells are less than that, the person is said to be suffering from low sperm count. Treatment for low sperm count is easily available and the problem can be solved.

Causes of having a low sperm count:

It is strange but there are plenty of reasons of having a low sperm count. However, the exact reason is not known to anyone.

Treatment of Low sperm count:

There are plenty of ways of treatment for low sperm count. Through non-surgical way, one can go for electro ejaculation therapy, in which electric current is used to retrieve the sperm count.

Also the treatments of spinal cord injuries are many a time beneficial as the treatment for low sperm count.
Chemotherapy is also used in increasing the sperm count of the affected male.

Apart from the above mentioned non-surgical methods, there are plenty of surgical methods that can bring back the normal sperm count.


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