Maca Roots – Is It The Right Factor To balance Hormones?


What is Maca Root?

Dated long time back, maca roots have the history of providing nutritional supplement. Maca roots provide lot of nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. to the human body. The answer to the question is “yes”. Maca roots help the human body by balancing hormones. The effect of maca roots will also provide stamina, mental concentration as well as endurance.

Maca roots are not only used for humans but animals, too. It enhances fertility and menopause for both male and female. It gives boost t the hormone related problems in human and animals. Let us discuss how males and females make use of maca roots.

Benefits of Maca Roots

Using this, males can increase the stamina, impotence, erectile problem. Females use it for reducing pain during their menstrual period. This is not a harmful drug and therefore there is no need to be worried at all. The actual speciality of maca roots is that, it balances the hormones inside the body of male and female. Instead of providing vitamins, it balances the hormones by acting upon the hypothalamus pituitary gland. Now, let us discuss about the nutritional facts and supplements that are provided by maca roots.

Nutritional constituent of Maca Root

Amino acids - 11% to 14% of maca root provides protein to the body. Other amino acids like alanine, argine, aspartate, etc. Maca root contributes in building the reaction of nutrients and balances the hormones.

Minerals - One of the most important minerals is calcium. This combines iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, traces of iodine, etc.

Sterols - This is important for humans and animals. It prevents from tumour growth and also balances the cholesterol level inside the body. While producing sterols, brasscasterol, erogosterol, campesterol, sitosterol, etc. is used as the material. Fatty acids - Maca roots controls the fatty acids. Some of them are listed here. They are laric, myristic, palmtoleic and many more.


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